Monitize your WordPress Site


There are several tactics you should take to make money from your WordPress site. If your site is a blogging site or a site that provides some type of information, you need to get visitors and then sell ads. There are many methods, but, these are the easiest and best tools (and FREE (except when you run out of free advertising)) :

  1. monitizing: get a free Google Adsense account – you can put Ads on your site @
  2. advertising: get a Google Adwords account – you need to drive people to your site
    – and get a $75 free advertising @
  3. tracking visitors: get a free Google Analytics account – let Google keep track of your visitors so you can make intelligent decisions @
  4. tracking in WordPress: install the free ‘Developer Tools’ plugin and enter your Google Analytics code in the configuration panel @

If your site is a store, it is probably counter-productive and disingenuous to sell products AND distract the visitor with advertising for something else – so that type of site may not apply.  The following sections provide details and suggestions to put these tactics to work.

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