Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Accessories Round 2

make your own skin

The first few accessories we’ve accumulated for our Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Proclaim include 3 chargers, a protective case, a stylus, and a bluetooth headset. Next up are some more advanced and robust accessories. Everything evolves and so will my Proclaim. I love it a lot and I can make it even better.

Let’s look at a custom cell phone case, a bigger memory card and a holster. Or, if you want to browse a giant list, here’s a list of over 50 items for the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim at my favorite cell phone accessory discount retailer. By the way, the Samsung Illusion I110 is the same model phone … but sold by Verizon instead of Straight talk.

make your own skin

First up, a custom case for your Proclaim. For $12.99 reduced to $5.99 you can have any photo applied to a case. Imagine a picture of your spouse, child, significant other, pet, landmark, sports logo, replica tattoo, or absolutely any other photograph applied to your phone. For best results, edit your photo to about 900 x 1500 so that it fits the shape of the Samsung Proclaim.

picture of a phone holster

Next, a phone holster that attaches to my belt and the phone snaps into it for easy access. It is only $1.39 marked down from $19.99. What a deal. The phone is safe and secure and ready to draw from the hip with the next important ring! No more fumbling thru your pocket.

picture of solar charger

Next, a mini solar/wall charger for $17.99 discounted to $10.99. This amazing device can charge your phone from a wall outlet, a PC (USB), or from the sun! It even has a LED flashlight for some reason. Plug it in until it is fully charged. Then take it on the road with you. It even has many connectors so you can connect just about any device. Make sure you charge the device from the wall the first time for 15 hours to get the battery fully charged. The size of the charger output (current) determines how fast the battery will charge the phone. The current in milliAmps (ma) is the output power from the battery to the phone. The capacity in milliAmpHours (mAh) determines how long the battery will last on a full charge – so if you draw 300 mA and your battery capacity is 1500 mAh, you battery will charge the phone for 5 hours (5×300=1500). There are several sizes available including:

More Useful Items

Here are several other items that will become useful.

  • a replacement battery. If your phone no longer holds a charge very long, the battery may need replacing. Note that turning on the GPS or turning up the display brightness cause the battery to drain quickly.
  • a higher capacity microSD card. If you love music or photos on your phone, you may like a huge memory card.


Examine these other pages for more detail on Samsung Galaxy Proclaim and accessories. When shopping, remember that the Samsung Illusion I110 by Verizon is exactly the same as the Proclaim (s720c) by Straight Talk.