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Recently I started using a product to try to address the tinnitus – ringing in the ear – I was experiencing. Tinnitus is confusing. The doctor says that I have tinnitus because I have a small amount of hearing loss. And, I say that I have a small amount of hearing loss because MY FREAKING EARS ARE RINGING. So, make the ringing stop and I can hear again.

How did I get here

I complained about the ringing to my doctor. So, off to the ENT specialist. I took a hearing test. The result of the test is that I can’t hear the low pitched tones. Personally, I think it is because my ear is ringing. I am convinced if the ringing stops, then I can hear the tones. But, NO. The doctor says “when did you first notice you have hearing loss”. Well I guess just now. Which comes first? The ringing, or the hearing loss assessment? Tinnitus has no cure. You have to learn to ignore it. That’s what the doctors say. Well, I’m not OK with that.


A few months ago I began using Reconnect from Institute for Vibrant Living – IVL. You can get it directly from IVL for about $40/month here:

  • Visit Reconnectat the Institute for Vibrant Living web site
  • Use Savings Code HEALTHY1 for a buy 2 get 2 deal in December
  • Try Coupon Code FREESHIP for free shipping (can’t be used in conjunction with above code)
  • buy more, save more.

The marketing advertising – which I take with a grain of salt (what’s that mean anyway?) – indicates that the founder of IVL created the product to address his Meniere Syndrome. He says “I no longer have the vertigo problem and the ringing in my ear is much less than it used to be.” Well, that’s quite an endorsement. Reconnect has 15 ingredients believed to help your hearing. I like the “Halts Ringing” claim.


I am six months into this product I have certainly noticed that the ringing has diminished! I’d say the ringing was finally tolerable at about 50% less than some awful nights. I’ll take it!

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