Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Accessories

Now that we’ve all got ourselves a Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Proclaim running on the Verizon network, we’ll need to protect it, feed it, and make it even more versatile. We’ll need 3 chargers, a protective case, a stylus, and a bluetooth headset. If you’re really using that phone, you might also like an external battery for charging on the go.

For under 4 bucks, start with a set of 4 accessories for Samsung Galaxy Proclaim (Verizon). This 4pcs combo pack includes a Solid Color Case + Screen Protector Film + Stylus Pen + Case Opener.

The rubberized cover is slim but provides protection in case you drop it – many colors are available – just follow the Amazon link above and browse. The film over the face plate protects the screen from scratches. The stylus helps for those with big fingers that find it rough to type on the virtual keyboard.

For 3 bucks, next up is a set of chargers for home, car, and computer. The Proclaim uses a common Micro USB port so these chargers are inexpensive and readily available. Plus they are reusable among other devices. You may already have a few. You received a home charger with the phone, but you’ll need another when you travel and some other spares. The USB charger is nice if you want to grab a charge off of your laptop. The car charger is a must have – just put it in your console for when you need it.

If you’re driving, you’ll need a hands free headset to make phone calls. The Samsung Galaxy Proclaim has either a bluetooth capability or you can even use the microphone jack with a wired headset. Choose the one that you like the best. There are literally thousands of options. With bluetooth, you have a range of about 30 feet. With a wire – well, you have a range of the length of the wire – so, you’ll certainly have the phone in your pocket. Some headsets like the Kinivo BTH220 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone┬ácan double as both a headset (for phone calls) and headphones (for your music).

Go big with a $40 Anker 10000mAh rechargeable battery. It will charge your phone about 4 or 5 times before this battery needs a recharge. Don’t bother with the other little battery chargers that give you 2 more hours. It’s great for that weekend when you’re biking or camping and you want to make sure your phone works so you can take pictures. Make no mistake, this thing is bigger and heavier (just a little bit though) than your phone so you won’t likely want it in your pocket. But it easily fits in a purse or backpack. Go big when you’re not at home.

Smartphone WiFi and Cell Basics

Cell-TowerWhen choosing a smartphone, you will have infinite choices of phones and service. The service you choose depends on many variables, but if you understand the options, you can make a more informed choice for your particular situation. Generally, your smartphone will use either cell service or wifi service to make calls or connect to the internet as you use your phone.

Here we will compare some of the simple differences of WiFi, 3G, and 4G.

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Straight Talk, Samsung Galaxy Proclaim and Verizon

proclaim photo

Straight Talk has found a winner in the newly available Samsung Galaxy Proclaim which operates on the Verizon network. The Proclaim runs the latest Android 2.3 operating system giving you all of the ease and convenience of a new smart phone. For $179.99 $149.99 plus $45/month, you can get the latest smart phone features, unlimited service, and the best nationwide network access.
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Favorite WordPress Plugins

The WordPress Plugin is one of the most important features of WordPress. They allow you to extend the capabilities of WordPress. With a Plugin, you can evolve your site as you decide to apply new features. You can even resuscitate your site if it is in need of some sprucing up. It only takes a few Plugins to make your site even more useful than the standard WordPress site.
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Monitize your WordPress Site


There are several tactics you should take to make money from your WordPress site. If your site is a blogging site or a site that provides some type of information, you need to get visitors and then sell ads. There are many methods, but, these are the easiest and best tools (and FREE (except when you run out of free advertising)) :
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The VTECH DS6421 is a great home or home office phone system

A low cost yet functional phone system is a useful addition to your household … especially if you’re working from home. The new VTech DS6421-3 DECT 6.0 Digital Three Handset provides a compelling set of features that make it stand out. The required features that I must have include capabilities for connecting cell phones, using a headset, and handset speakerphones. The headset is the V-Tech IS6100 Cordless Accessory Headset. At a (Amazon) price of $83 $80 for the base system with 3 handsets and $43 for a headset, you can get a great system for $126. And for a mere $20, you can get additional handsets.
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